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In-Vitro Diagnostics
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Infection Control
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Test Instruments

Fast and Efficient Air Cleaning

for Hospital Facilities
UVC Dosage: ≤ 834 mJ/cm2 per 5 min

Hyper Light Disinfection Robot

Multi-motion sensor

Prevents potential injuries from accidental entry during the disinfection process. The robot will automatically terminate the procedure seamlessly in association with the tablet to minimize UVC exposure.

Patented Protective Reflector

Rotation protective reflector technology is patented design for multiple purposes.

Amalgam Lamps

The lamps offer high power, low proessure and ozone-free features.

LED Status

Blue Light: Standby Mode; White Light: Warming Up; Red Light: Disinfecting; Green Light: Completed Operation


The ergonomic designd handle has an LCD screen display and buttons for easy use.

high maneuverability

The omnidirectional wheels enables to be pused to any location.

Holistic Disinfection and Sterilization Solutions

Washer Disinfector


Low-Temperature Sterlizer

Zeronitec_Pure120D_Low Temperature H2O2 Plasma Sterilizer

BI Incubators

Auto-reader Incubator with 12+1 positions LCD Screen

Vacuum Sealer


UVC Hyperlight Disinfection Robot

Providing safest, fastest and and powerful disinfection solution. The Robot System utilizes ultraviolet C of 254nm wavelength to break the molecular bonds of DNA or RNA, at the same time eliminates growth and duplication of pathogens, avoiding the spread and cross infection in the healthcare facilities.  Therefore, reduces the Healthcare-Associated Infection (HAI) and raises the quality of healthcare.


How can Rauland Acute Care
Communication Products help in the Infection Control?

Why Us?

We have Biomedical Calibration Center here in the Philippines. 

This minimizes downtime and turn around time of the test instruments.


We perform calibration procedure efficiently and accurately in accordance to international standard, and provide the documentation in compliance with the regulatory requirements, customer’s satisfaction and maintain business process efficiency.

RTI Piranha X-Ray Quality Control System

Providing Everything you need for X-Ray Quality Assurance

Powerhouse in QA

A world-leading manufacturer
of QA solutions. Get ready for instant real-time analysis for any modality!

One for All

As your needs grow, you have unlimited ability to upgrade your Piranha meter – one for all!

Most Versatile Meter

RTI Group invented the first X-ray QA system for diagnostic radiology and invest heavily in Research and Development to push forward the very edge of X-ray QA, across all modalities.

The number of Piranha models available ensures that you only pay for what you need. 


Handheld Biomedical Test Equipments

Test Instruments for Today’s Healthcare Requirements

Handheld Light Meter & Optometer With Touch Screen Display

Handheld Vital Signs Simulator

Handheld Particle Counter

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