Operating Theatre

Comprehensive solutions
to supply the need

We supply Surgical and Examination Lights,  Surgical Tables, Pendant System, OR Integration System,  Surgical Suction Devices, Bronchial Suction Devices, Gas Piping, Air Purification and Disinfection System  to all types of hospitals and clinics.
UVC Dosage: ≤ 834 mJ/cm2 per 5 min

Hyper Light Disinfection Robot

Multi-motion sensor

Prevents potential injuries from accidental entry during the disinfection process. The robot will automatically terminate the procedure seamlessly in association with the tablet to minimize UVC exposure.

Patented Protective Reflector

Rotation protective reflector technology is patented design for multiple purposes.

Amalgam Lamps

The lamps offer high power, low proessure and ozone-free features.

LED Status

Blue Light: Standby Mode; White Light: Warming Up; Red Light: Disinfecting; Green Light: Completed Operation


The ergonomic designd handle has an LCD screen display and buttons for easy use.

high maneuverability

The omnidirectional wheels enables to be pused to any location.


Air Purification Unit

Easily installable differential pressure unit for maximum air quality

Immune-compromised patients

Oncology, haematology, neonatology, transplant, burn units, etc.

Infectious patients

Tuberculosis, chicken pox, SARS, MRSA, flu viruses, etc.

General use in

Operating theatres, intensive care units, isolation wards, etc.

Precautions during construction works

Aspergillus emissions during renovation works.

For Positive or Negative Room Pressure

Mobile Air Purification

100% efficiency against Tuberculosis

100% efficiency against Influenza Viruses

100% efficiency against Aspergillosis

100% efficiency against Sars

100% efficiency against Varicella/Pox

360° uniform air extraction and air supply

Is able to achieve ISO 5 or ISO 6 level