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Renowned globally as  designer and manufacturer of reliable, portable and compact biomedical test equipment. As metrology specialists for almost four decades, our innovative testing solutions have been mitigating risk worldwide in healthcare environments. Our products ensure that critical medical equipment is safe to use throughout the device’s life cycle.

Developing products and solutions for over fifty years that meet a broad range of needs and solve a variety of challenges.  ILT combines technical lighting and light measurement expertise to provide products and services that shine.

Manufacturer of feature-rich particle counters and air quality monitoring instrumentation. The company serves the Life Science, Food & Beverage, Pharmaceutical, Indoor Air Quality, Industrial Health & Safety, Cosmetic, Semiconductor, Aerospace and Data Storage industries.

Why us?

We have
Calibration Center here in the Philippines

this minimizes downtime of the test instruments.

Biomedical Calibration Center
in the Philippines


We perform calibration procedure efficiently and accurately in accordance to international standard, and provide the documentation in compliance with the regulatory requirements, customer’s satisfaction and maintain business process efficiency. Quality Service Guaranteed.

Our calibration equipment are of the latest model specializing in precision calibration of instruments, equipment and service.