Calibration laboratory

Performs calibration efficiently and accurately


We perform calibration procedure efficiently and accurately in accordance to international standard, and provide the documentation in compliance with the regulatory requirements, customer’s satisfaction and maintain business process efficiency. Quality Service Guaranteed.

Our calibration equipment are of the latest model specializing in precision calibration of instruments, equipment and service.

Biomedical Maintenance Management System

Comprehensive Service of Expertise

Quality Service Guaranteed

  1. Service training for engineers and technicians;
  2. Inspection, troubleshooting, calibration, corrective and preventive maintenance, and safety checks for medical equipment. This will ensure that your equipment performs exactly as expected and ensures that your equipment maintenance program meets or exceeds the latest regulatory standards;
  3. Comprehensive engineering solutions which reduces downtime and increases utilization rates on medical equipment.
  4. Biomedical Equipment Management system such as:
  • Scheduling of preventive maintenance and calibration of biomedical equipment;
  • Equipment evaluation;
  • Biomedical equipment service history;
  • Technical support;
  • Service contract evaluation for suppliers;
  • Technical training;
  • Pre-purchase product consultation;

Facilities Management and Engineering Services

Expertise and Specialization
  • Modernization and Installation (Green Lift Electro Systems & Services, Inc.)
  • Repair and Maintenance (Green Lift Electro Systems & Services, Inc. and all other Brands)
    • Comprehensive Maintenance
    • Regular Maintenance
  • Planning, Design and Installation
  • Operation & Maintenance (O & M)
  • Repair and Retrofitting
  • Automatic/Manual Transfer Switches
  • MCB
  • ACB
  • Change-over type
  • Lightning Protection System (LPS)
  • Uninterruptible Power Supply System (UPS) – GE
  • Automatic Voltage Regulator (AVR)
  • TVSS and Surge Protection System
  • Transformers (All Brands)
  • Generator sets
    • Generator Sets
    • Radiator
    • Sound-proofing enclosures
  • Synchronizing of various sizes of units
  • Motor Control Starters (Wye-Delta, Auto-transformer, Soft-starter or Variable Frequency Drives)
  • Planning, Design and Installation
  • Operation & Maintenance (O & M)
  • Repair and Retrofitting
  • Planning and Design
  • Construction and Installation
  • Operation and Maintenance (O & M)
  • Repair and Retrofitting, Recycle and Reuse
  • Edwards-Signalling and Communications System
  • Star-Sprinkler Corporation, USA
  • National-Fire Hose Corporation, USA
  • Amerex-Fire International Corporation, USA
    • Planning, Design and Installation
    • Formulation and Preparation of Programs and Activities for implementation and execution of the Fire-fighting drills
    • Conduct training for employees, third party manpower (TPM) on Loss and Prevention Controls
  • Electrical (Voltage System-Low, Medium, High)
    • Power System Analysis and Audiit (Using the State of the Art High Impact Engineering Software/ETAP)
    • Ultrasonic Detection Testing and Machinery Health Monitoring
    • Thermographic Scanning Inspection
    • Power Transformer and Auxiliary Cooling System Testing
    • Standby Emergency System Testing
  • Air-conditioning System
    • HVAC Data Log System
    • Comprehensive Air-conditioning System Energy Audit
    • Conduct training for employees, third party manpower (TPM) on Loss and Prevention Controls
  • Safety and Security
  • Electrical
  • Mechanical
  • Plumbing
  • Electronics and Communications
  • Structural
  • Housekeeping and Janitorial Services
  • Cleaning, Disinfection and Sanitation
  • One-time Cleaning
  • Building Exterior Glass Windows Cleaning